Space & Signals Technologies offers you "large company" computing power with "small company" adaptability. We have the ability to define how performance should be modeled and to quickly write analytical software to test hypotheses and demonstrate answers. These prior computer simulations and numerical results suggest to our clients whether a particular design will work (or not). This prototyping ability, along with our close coordination with your staff, results in efficiencies in time and cost that are difficult to achieve in the larger organizations.

We perform mathematically intensive calculations and simulations of your systems at our fully-equipped office using high-level hardware and sofware (both PC and Mac). Additional software facilitates effective design, code generation, documentation, graphics, presentation, and/or training. Specific software resident on site includes:

  • MATLAB Computation and Visualization Software
  • MATLAB Signal Processing Toolbox
  • MATLAB Higher Order Spectra Toolbox
  • MATLAB Spline Toolbox
  • MATLAB Control Systems Toolbox
  • MATLAB Symbolic Math Toolbox
  • MATLAB Wavelets Toolbox (with Data/Image Compression and GUI capability)
  • InDesign
  • Photoshop CS4
  • Microsoft Office Suite
We are also able to travel to your site as needed for meetings, specialized hardware and/or software, and Compartmented Information Facilities.

D. Lee Fugal is the founder and president of Space & Signals Technologies, LLC and has been a technical consultant for corporations of all sizes, government, military, and academia since 1991.

In addition to 35 years of industry experience he has helped designed curriculum, select texts, and has taught upper-division and graduate courses in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and in Satellite Communications.

Most recently he has published a hardcover textbook “Conceptual Wavelets In Digital Signal Processing” (see www.ConceptualWavelets.Com) which has enjoyed brisk sales to individuals, corporations and University Libraries around the world (the American Library Association gave it a “Highly Recommended” rating).

Since 2004 he also presented the 3-day short course “Wavelets: A Conceptual, Practical Approach” (the basis for the book) at universities, corporations, government agencies, and various other venues from coast to coast. In addition, he periodically writes articles dealing with Digital Signal Processing and Wavelets.

Mr. Fugal holds a Masters in Applied Physics (DSP) from the University of Utah, is a Senior Member of IEEE and is Chairman of the IEEE Signal Processing Society San Diego Chapter. He is also a recipient of the IEEE Third Millennium Medal.

Mr. Fugal's extensive network helps provide easy access to information and collaborative expertise from business, government, and academia.

If your project would benefit from a small team approach, we can quickly build a team of several experienced professionals bringing complimentary skills and specific expertise to bear on your complex challenges.

For both large and small projects and for any size team, clients benefit from our technical capabilities, applicable experience, and commitment to finding expedient solutions to your technical problems.

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