Space & Signals Technologies provides Advanced Technology based solutions for industrial, government, and academic clients and has done so for nearly two decades.

Our customers have ranged in size from start-ups to major corporations and universities. They have teamed with us under consulting, contracting and sub-contracting agreements, including the Federal Acquisition Rules.

We measure our success by the success of our clients - - and a high degree of client satisfaction is evidenced by the fact that most of our contracts have been "follow-ons" resulting from satisfactory completion of earlier assignments.

Geolocation Accuracy Enhancements Simulation of Harmonics and Intermodulation Distortions Precision Cross Ambiguity Function Peak Interpolation Techniques
Geolocation of
Fast Moving Emitters
Advanced Pulse
Detection Methods
Feasibility of Low-Cost SCADA Transceivers using NASA Satellite
Adapting Satellite/DSP techniques to Biomedical Image Processing Analysis, Corrections to Link Budget & Ground Station Requirements Related Applications
(Magnetics, Statistics)
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