Mr. Fugal (president) has over 20 years of experience in course development, teaching, lecturing, technical documentation and presentations, and has developed a high degree of "stage presence". Among his teaching and training credits is the development and naming of a Public Television course "Physics in a New Light" to help give undergraduates an intuitive feel for the subject rather than the conventional "Applied Mathematics" approach. His book Conceptual Wavelets in Digital Signal Processing is also found in University Libraries around the World.

He regularly receives high marks for his ability to explain difficult concepts in a clear and simple way. Under his direction customized training, seminars and guidance for your staff can be provided for the systems we help you design and develop or for any of our areas of expertise.

Techniques are explained, not simply proven to be true through mathematical derivations. Much of the mathematics is included but, whenever possible, results are interpreted conceptually first, then supported by carefully chosen examples and analogies. Building this sound conceptual base has proven valuable to clients both in providing an intuitive understanding for the non-technical and in contributing additional perceptive insights for the mathematician.

Clients have also found our ability to "translate" from abstract mathematical equations to understandable concepts invaluable. Information can be used only when it can be understood. This "Technical Liaison" capability helps our clients to obtain and interpret the latest specific, relevant information from scientific journals and acknowledged experts. This helps you to identify, chose and then apply technical solutions with greater confidence and comprehension.

Along with robust documentation and presentations, these customized teaching, training and liaison services are a very cost-effective way to quickly bring your technical and administrative staff up to speed on new systems and concepts.

Past clients have expressed appreciation for our clear and concise communication, explanation, and presentation of difficult concepts to both their technical and administrative staff. An integral part of our service is to provide comprehensive and coherent documentation complete with presentation-quality graphics.

Frequent progress reports and prompt notification will keep you informed of either breakthroughs or problems. Our policy is to provide you with ongoing technical documentation of our work on at least a weekly basis. In addition to keeping you up to date, this strategy allows for compilation of interim and final reports very quickly because they have been essentially written as the work progressed.

These reports are given to you in both hardcopy and magnetic media for easy inclusion in your own documentation. The color and monochrome graphics can then be made available to you as PowerPoint or Presentations overheads/viewgraphs. If desired, we can also arrange to present the results directly to your own customer.

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